Concrete Counter Tops

There are different methods of constructing your concrete countertops that will depend on the complexity and design of the individual project. In many situations concrete countertops can built on site using cast in place methods that offer a seamless monolithic effects. Countertops can also be pre-cast, delivered and installed at the work site. In both cases high strength modified concrete mixes are used to prevent cracking and ensure a sound working surface. They can integrally colored, stained, polished or textured depending on design requirements. Special aggregates, glass and metals can also be embedded to create cutting surfaces and design effects.

Pre-Cast Countertops

The precast counter top system provided at Surface Solutions is unique unto itself. The system was invented by artisan Ben Ashby who directly trained Chris Stewart. "The veining, coloration and mottling in each piece is incredibly natural looking and is like nothing I have seen in 30 years of decorative concrete," says Chris. A variety of custom molded edges are available.

Cast in Place Countertops

In specific situations, concrete counter tops can be constructed on site. In many situations monolithic, completely seamless counter tops can be achieved. Special aggregates, glass and metal can be embedded for cutting surfaces and design effects. Countertop Re-Surfacing

Old countertops can be treated with  polymer modified cements to give a concrete look over formica, tile ect. These high strength modified cements will bond tenaciasly to any sound surface. The material can troweled smooth, textured, stained and polished. The finish is sealed with a high grade sealer to enhance color preserve the integrity of the surface.