Concrete Staining

Concrete staining has been in existance since early 1900 with one of the best known examples being the Ahwahanee Hotel in Yosemite National Park. Though it was used rarely then it has been revived by architects and designers in the recent years due to its natural beauty.

Concrete staining is achieved using colors derived from natural metallic salts. These metallic salts react with the cement and give a permanent and unique color to the concrete. The stain is translucent and adds a patina effect to the concrete. The true objective of concrete staining is to preserve the beauty and character evident in all concrete. Trowel marks, imperfections and even cracks are a part of the floor’s natural beauty. A variety of colors are available to choose from. Each of these colors will create natural mottling effects and “old world” beauty unlike any other concrete coloring method.

Concrete staining can also be decorated with saw cut patterns, designs and colored grouts. After the floors colored they are sealed with a high grade acrylic sealer that enhances and protects the stain. Finally the floors are sealed with high grade acrylic sealers to protect the finish and assure lasting beauty for the lifetime of your floor.

Various coloring methods such as acid based stains and dyes can be used to create elegant formal effects as well as the old world mottled appearance. Applications often utilize multiple methods and treatments such as saw cut patterns, grouting, color changes template sandblasted designs etc.