Cement Terrazzo

Cement Terrazzo technology has been used since the early Roman days and has withstood centuries of use throughout the world. The Old World artisans that use this method are few and far between. Most Terrazzo contractors enjoy the ease of placing with epoxy terrazzo. Surface Solutions employs the cement Terrazzo technology and prides itself in quality cement terrazzo.

Cement terrazzo incorporates the use of synthetic iron oxides and specially sized marble chip, natural stone, recycled glass and a variety of natural aggregates. This together with metal divider strips for color changes can create some of the most beautiful effects imaginable. Projects worldwide are noted for creativity and graphic designs, which is the essence of Terrazzo. Once poured the Cement Terrazzo matrix is compacted to a tight aggregate fabric. After placement and sufficient curing time the surface is ground flat with diamond grinders then polished to the desired level.

Cement Terrazzo methods can be used for the re-surfacing of old concrete or applied to new concrete to give exposed aggregate effects with a wide variety of natural stone aggregate. It can be installed as thin as ¼” and up to 1” thick. Cement Terrazzo is extremely durable and has long been specified and referenced to as the “100 year surface” by architects and designers.