Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is the flagship of decorative concrete and is used throughout residential and commercial applications in all types of architecture and design.  Driveways, patios, sidewalks and pool decks are common applications where freshly placed concrete is colored and imprinted to look like slate, brick cobblestone and tile.

The process of imprinting concrete is mostly a skill learned on the job and many concrete contractors will practice on your job.  The Bomanite process is the only uniform schooled technology available to contractors.  An international network of trained contractors use these proven methods. They are taught to use specific mix designs, coloring methods, crack control procedures and proper reinforcement required to properly install quality stamped concrete.  Chris Stewart, President of Surface Solutions was a Bomanite contractor for nearly 20 years before becoming V.P. of Technical Services at Bomanite Corporation,MaderaCA.  There he taught proper stamped concrete procedures to licensed contractors throughout the world.

Surface Solutions employs the Bomanite practices and strive for quality control through ownership involvement.  A wide variety of seamless and patterned textures are available upon request.  Slate textures, brick, wood and tile effects are colored from color charts or custom made for your project. Let us help you in your choice to make you project the best it can be.